Heritage Trail

The St Davids Ratepayers Association

Heritage Trail

Historic Marker red

(This example is a  different colour from the planned markers)

To encourage awareness of the special history of St Davids among current and an ever increasing number of new residents of the Village, the Committee is preparing to locate markers that describe points of historical interest throughout the Village. Each marker will consist of a professionally-made bronze plaque mounted on a shaped and cut piece of Queenston Quarry limestone.  Each limestone piece measures about 90 cm in width, 60 cm in height and 60 cm in depth at the base.  Each will weigh about 700 kg.

These historic markers will be located wherever possible at the particular point of interest.  Many local owners of historic houses and buildings have already indicated an interest in sponsoring a stone that can be located in situ, either on private property or, depending on the location, on the road allowance.  The current plan also calls for between 3 and 6 marker stones to be located with the flagpole in Lowrey Park on York Road in the west end of the village of St. Davids.   Depending on the response of donors, 1 or 2 historic markers are planned for the park area immediately east of the St Davids Fire Hall on Warner Road.

For Historical Marker sponsorship information, please contact Harry Murdoch (905) 262 1030.